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andy97 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridandy97 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by medius View Post
If (and thats a huge IF) any racing were to take place in 2020, free calendar dates will be prioritised to Grade A championships, BTCC, BSB, British GT etc, there will be no room on the calendar for club motorsport.

Start ovwr next year for sure, but lets hope not too many non-MSV circuits will be affected by essentially writing off a year. I fear for the likes of Mallory, Croft,Lydden etc.

I cant see too many people being in the financial position to indulge in luxuries like going racing then mortgages ad families have to come first. 750MC, BARC etc should be healthy to carry on if they take measure to accept that working together might be necessary for a while to make a race card full enough to sell grids on. Maybe as much as a 50% drop in entrants.

Has MSA mentioned anything about 2020 race licences being valid for '21? A small gesture to help the racer out (but obvious resulting in a drop of income higher up).
BARC have been posting losses for last few years, i think. How big are their reserves? And the MUK have a very high proportion of their turn over as salaries that will still need paying. I am not holding my breath although i think they will need to make some gesture.
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