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Originally Posted by Adam43 View Post
I’m pleased it wasn’t some nut job. Also pleased that NASCAR demonstrated unity.

But broadrun, you are right, it is another distraction from the actual issue here.
What Bubba Wallace did was disgusting. To lie like that and go to a trash place like CNN to complain when his life has been gifted. Who gets to be a top level race car driver like him. Bubba Wallace is trash. He is a liar and a political manipulator. He needs to be fired. What Kyle Larson did was nothing compared to what Bubba Wallace did. He is scum.

I recommend you watch on Youtube 1) The Hodge Twins 2) Anthony Brian Logan 3) Clay Travis 4) Dr. Steve Turley. Great reactions from all of these guys about this hoax to do nothing but stir up tensions and ultimately for Bubba to look like a virtue signaling hero. He will career will crash (no pun intended) and I will be happy for it. When fans return he will be booed very very loud. Fire Bubba Wallace.

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