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canaglia should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridcanaglia should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
ok, or to better say, let's wait how things will evolve in 2024 but In general, I think you're misinterpreting this sentence:

" Any international sports car program would need to get the green-light from Japan, as was the case with HPD’s most recent effort in the FIA World Endurance Championship in 2012-13 with the HPD ARX-03c LMP1 car."

to me you're just reading: "HPD teams go to LM if HPD decides they go to LM"

that's not that simple. I mean, of course japanese HQ honda is the one that decides which racing/sport programs green-light because each involved company like italian JAS (wtcc, nsx gt3) jap/spanish repsol HRC (motoGP) american HPD (indy and IMSA) japanese HRC (superGT, superformula) jap/UK mugen (? I actually don't know if mugen UK is still involved in something like btcc) receive the budget from japanese HQ honda. So, speaking about IMSA and arx program, is clear that is HQ honda the one that decided to greenlight the acura lmdh program.
But arx teams, as far I remember never got any aut aut from HPD in the past... the only absolute thing is that it's HPD to pick teams and not the reverse, but racing programs it's up to the teams financial possibilities... back in 2011-2013 period, highcroft racing was HPD ALMS team, they received the new arx-01e but they had to retire just after sebring because they had no budget and HPD didn't throw them a penny. I recall JRM 2012 WEC program was some kind of last minute decided program probably backed mainly by brabham and chandock. Picket racing was the HPD team in 2012-2013 ALMS and more than once they expressed interest on running at LM but they never had enough budget and of course never received any flight ticket from HPD.
I think is the same for actual msr and wtr teams, I meah the matter is simple..
HPD: do you want to go to LM?
wtr/msr: yes
HPD: good, nothing against, save some money, bye.

This time HPD ruled out a 2023 LM in advance... won't be surprised if this is because of shortage of supply and spare parts for the first season. But in any case, it's all about 2024.
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