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SL should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Autosport Le Mans Supplement June 1995

Engine 5.7lt V12 Power 600bhp Weight 1050kg

Say Lamborghini and you think sportscars, but have you ever seen one race? Not till now, at least not backed by the factory. A team of Brits persuaded the factory to come up with a special called the Jota.

The first drivers to step into the car, stepped out of it raving. If they are right, that this car goes as well as it looks, then the Jota could be a McLaren beater-It matches the F1 on power and beats it on weight. A big step up for driver Hary Nuttall.

Lamborghini knows a thing or two about engines, and the Amos International team flows with F1 andsportscar experience. The same is true of Gerard Larousse who was expected to take the helm for the race. But the car tested for the first time 4 weeks before.

As a comparison
F40LM 3.0 t 600bhp 1080kg
911 RSR 3.6 600bhp 1100kg
Venturi 600 3.0 t 620bhp 1050kg
NSX 3.0 t 600bhp 1040kg
Jag 220 3.5 650bhp 1200kg
McL F1 6.1 636bhp 1500kg

A pity the car never turned a wheel in Pre Q or the race. Ironicly it was Keegan who was to drive the Jota, transfered to the reserve car the Lister. Now allowed to race because of the Jota dropping out, prompty spun the Lister and broke the clutch.

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