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Launch Thread 2023 F1 Fantasy Competition

It’s 2023 and its still only February but already the one and only test is underway ahead of 2023 F1 season. The second season of the new generation of ground effect cars, and as always, we at 10Tenths are running a fantasy Formula one competition.
Whilst the cars aren’t changing much, we have new 4 drivers, other drivers changing teams, and even changes at Team Principal level to get our heads around, not to mention another new venue which will be raced at on a Saturday Evening (Local time) and now 6 sprint Event weekends.

We were going for a 23-event calendar spanning the Asia, Europe, the Middle East North and South America and not forgetting Australia.

Here’s how to enter and the rules and regs of the competition…

Your team shall be made up of 2 drivers, 1 constructor and a power unit provider which must abide by the following real-world situation at the start of the season.

Your Drivers must be from separate constructors
Your Drivers cannot drive for your constructor
Your Driver cannot drive for your power unit provider
Your Constructor cannot be powered by your power unit provider

Teams must comply with the cost cap of 100,000 and are to be submitted in the usual fashion shown in the attachments.
Remember… Each team is to be unique so please refresh the page and check someone hasn’t posted the same selection whilst you were deliberating and typing.
Oh, and don’t forget to give your team a name too.

Entries are welcome at any point during the season and are to be submitted onto this, the launch thread.
To be included for the full season entries should be posted before the start of FP1 of the first event.
Additional entries will be entered for the next event if the current event has begun.

Qualification points for non-sprint events remain as it has been for several seasons.
Drivers are rewarded for reaching Q2 and then for setting a time, likewise, reaching Q3 and setting a time. Bonus points for 2nd row of the Grid, front row and of course Pole.
Constructors are rewarded for each car reaching Q2 and then Q3, the same applies to Power unit Providers (regardless of constructor). Bonus points for front row and Pole.

In sprint events the point structure used last season for the Qualifying sessions remains the same.
There will be 1 drivers point for reaching Q2 with a further point for reaching Q3. The fastest in Q3 receives 1 bonus point. (There is no additional points relating to setting times in Q2 or Q3).
For Constructors and Power Unit providers, there will be 1 point per car, where that car reaches Q2 and again for Q3. There will be 1 Bonus point for the fastest in Q3.

Sprint points will again use the structure inaugurated last season, with 1st place taking 8 points down sequentially to 8th place taking 1 point. There will be no places gain/Loss points awarded.
There will however be ab increase to 3 bonus points to the Driver who has the fastest lap in the sprint race.
Sprint points for the constructors and Power Unit providers will also remain as last season with 3, 2 and 1 points awarded to constructors and power unit providers of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed cars, but each will now also have 1 bonus point for the fastest lap.
Sprint points will only be awarded if the Sprint event completes more than 50% race distance.

** 2 events are scheduled to be held with a Revised Qualification Format, as details of these become available, I’ll post any additional rules or points structural changes in this thread **

Race points remain as previous seasons and are based on the final official result, which means competitors may be classified as finishers even though they didn’t take the chequered flag.

Race Bonus points remain as previous years, with the Race fastest lap meriting 5 points, to the driver and 3 points each to the constructor and power unit provider.
Positional points apply to only the Race and are based on comparison between the official race result and the official race grid.
* It should be noted that the FIA has announced that the way official Race Grid is calculated after penalties has been revised. I will as always use the published “Final Starting Grid”

Should there be an incident from pitlane opening to grid formation or during the formation lap, this will be considered a Lap 0 incident and therefore subject to possible penalty. This applies to the lead up to Sprint events as well.

In events where the conclusion of the Grand Prix is reached prior to the listed number of laps having been completed by the leader, the table below shows points distribution based on the official segmentation.

Points scored will be based on official results, Penalties will be applied as per real world to either the sprint event and or the race.

Penalty points
Technical or sporting infringements (breaking curfew or Parc Ferme) will be incorporated as required.
Drivers of cars which are judged to be technical failures (Tech DNF) during the sprint or race are not directly penalised however both Constructor and Power unit provider are.
Should a car fail on the grid and can started from the pits by the constructor, Loss of track position is deemed sufficient penalty.
In race penalties (such as time penalties) will be incorporated in the final results.

The values which can be penalised have had minor adjustments for 11-19 place penalties and Rear of the grid penalties for the main race, these can be seen in the tables below.
The Technical DNF penalties remain unaltered, a 5-point penalty in the main race, and in a Sprint event, a 3-point penalty for constructors only.
Should a car be disqualified from a session of the weekend, no points will be allocated however if allowed to continue over the remainder of the weekend, driver, constructor, and power unit provider will face DNQ allowed to Race penalty points which will be applied to the race results.

Driver Bans
Should under the licence points system your driver be banned for an (a number of) events the replacement driver will not score you points in that/those races. Your team will be scored on the remaining driver only along with constructor and Power unit points.
You can however choose once it’s known that a driver has been banned, make a substitution before the start of the next event.

Substitutions and replacements.
You can choose to replace a driver in your team, changes can only happen between events, and must be posted ahead of the start of FP1 of an event to be counted at that event.
You can make one driver change free during the season; additional driver changes cost 20 points per driver.
If your driver is replaced (temporarily – illness or injury) or for remainder of the season, and the replacement driver now breaks the real-world rules for teams at the start of the season, your team will be allowed to continue in the new line up.
If you don’t want the replacement driver, then the option is there to substitute for the remainder of the season (or substitute the original driver back in again should they return).

As is tradition cut off for substitutions or new entries to be included at an event is the Start of FP1.
I’ll do my best to accept and confirm entry ahead of the event starting, but if I’m not able to, I’ll use the timestamp on the post to confirm whether submission is for this or next event.

Withdrawn from event
Should a team withdraw a car from an event prior to the start of FP1, Driver, team and Power unit provider will be penalised as a Didn’t Qualify – Can’t race.
If the withdrawal is due to driver injury/illness and a replacement cannot take the drive by regulation, no penalties will be issued.
If the withdrawal is due to a perceived safety issue, insufficient time, or parts to safely build car then a Didn’t qualify – Can race penalty will be applied. However if the car did participate in Qualification or Sprint, then an points scored will be included.

Should there be anything that happens out with the stated rules, I will consult with the site admin, and my fellow Mods to come up with a fair ruling that can be applied across the remainder of the season.

As always, I finish with a final plea, that if you spot that I’ve made a mistake in accepting a team that breaks real world rules or in wrongly awarding penalty points or indeed in my data entry to the competition spreadsheets. …. It happens every year, and I doubt 2023 will be any different please let me know.

Likewise, if I’ve missed an obvious rule out, contradicted myself or left something undefined in the above rules, shout it out.

If you have any questions, observations, or suggestions, please don’t be shy, I can be reached via PM.

The spreadsheet below has entry template, all the values you’ll need to make your team selections. Along with the penalty point distribution and reduced race points breakdowns.

Good Luck!
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